Information for Financial Health for revenue, expenditure.
Information for Total number of Households.
Information for Citizen Facilitation Centers for Staff Count- Deployed,Total No. Citizen Services available, Facilities for Specially Abled Person available, Drinking Water available, Digital Payments Modes and Channels available, Average Monthly Footfall, Self Service Kiosk Available, Wi-Fi Availability, Queue Management System available, HelpDesk Services available
Information of Unemployment Rate No. of unemployed persons (seeking or available for work), No. of employed persons, Total labour force in the city (age 15-59) [Employed + Unemployed Persons).
Information regarding Digital Payments : Amount collected from citizens by Municipal Corporation/ smart city for various services such as Property Tax etc., Domestic Water charges by water utilities/Water authority/ Local body, Amount collected by ticket sale for Bus and Metro Services.
Information of Digital Payments Availability for property / water,Traffic Availability,Service Connections,Certificates / Licenses,Tenders,Grievance management,Tickets and passes,Disclosure of documents