Dataset for gandhinagar air quality by GSCDL
The VMSBs display all relevant information to the citizens related to initiatives like cleanliness drives, awareness programs, etc.
This enables citizens to utilize Wi-fi services in the city
This enables surveillance of all major roads and areas in the city which helps in tracking any unfortunate or unwanted incidents
This records instances of red-light violations and speed violations by vehicles
This catalog describes the street lights available in city which are LED
ITMS helps in tracking and monitoring of city bus routes. It also gives real-time updates of break down of city bus ensuring immediate action that needs to be taken
The Adaptive Traffic Control System helps in tracking and monitoring of traffic movement in the city. It helps in responding quickly to on-ground situations such as emergencies, unexpected incidents etc. It also helps in reduction in delays, stops, queues, fuel consumption etc.
This catalogue defines tracking and monitoring of sanitation staff and locational awareness helps in ensuring optimal and efficient allocation of staff
Environment Sensors record information on various parameters related to environment such as PM2.5, PM10, NO2, SO2, AQI etc.