Type of Waste ,Quantity ,Process technology ,Plant location (address) ,Plant capacity (TPD) ,Waste to Energy initiative (Y/N) ,Power generated by Waste-to-Energy initiative (in MW)
Waste Quantity (TPD) ,Type of Waste collection vehicle ,Capacity (in cubic meters) ,Year of purchase ,Nos of Vehicle ,Frequency of trips (Daily, Biweekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)
Street sweeping waste (TPD) ,Size of street bins (in litres) ,No of street bins,Major commercial market, sabzi mandi details ,Commercial Waste quantity (TPD) ,Type of community bins/ compactor bins provided ,Size of bins/ containers (L) ,Year of purchase
Number of HH No.Of HH Under D2D Collection User Charge Collection
Total quantum of MSW generated in the city (in Metric tonnes) "Total quantum of MSW collected by the ULB or private operator (in Metric tonnes)" "Average quantum of MSW that is processed or recycled (in Metric tonnes)"
Total No. of households / establishments Total no. of households and establishments covered through doorstep collection HH covered with Source Seggeratation
Total Number of Trips Walking Non-Motorized Public Transport Intermediate Public Transport (shared auto, auto rickshaw, taxi etc) Private vehicle
Type and No. of Buses No. of bus terminals No. of bus stands No. of bus stops
Average No. of daily trips,Average No. of passengers (day-to-day basis,),Average Trip length in km (daily) Average cost per km (daily),Revenue per km
Presence of organized bus transport system (Y/N) No. of Bus Service Providers Total No. of Buses plying within the city No. of Bus Stops that are disable friendly