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01-07-2019 | 09:13:50
per capita expenditure state wise in India (consumer insights)
Sector: Economy
07-05-2019 | 10:31:15
State-wise domestic & Industrial power tariff (to check which state is better for setting up Industry)
Sector: Power and Energy
06-05-2019 | 03:31:31
Fuit and vegetable processing and FDI from last one and half decade
Sector: Agriculture
12-07-2019 | 03:47:12
Availability of groundwater over a span of 5 years of a particular area. (Use external features,namely, rainfall, water consumption, humidity etc, to help plan the water usage to prevent scarcity in future.)
Sector: Water Resources
13-07-2019 | 04:23:31
Details Forest area of Balangir district (To share this with others in different forum)
Sector: Environment and Forest
11-07-2019 | 12:09:30
local body wise data of forest in Uttar Pradesh (research)
Sector: Environment and Forest
16-07-2019 | 03:59:51
density of household for coimbatore villages
Sector: Census and Surveys – ORGI
29-07-2019 | 05:45:35
Need to know the total number of companies registered in India as per their turnover and employee numbers (We want to reach out to them with a toll that will be very useful for them as it will help in saving money and performing better)
Sector: Commerce
25-07-2019 | 07:30:41
City-wise/court-wise breakdown of data for number of marriages registered every year (Study of marriage trends)
Sector: Judiciary
22-07-2019 | 08:00:15
Dataset on PLASTIC replacement products, Schemes and Projects in India. Dataset on PLASTIC usage with respect to different states of India. Information as to why Jute is not effective in replacing One Time Use Plastic Bags .
Sector: Water and Sanitation