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17-07-2019 | 10:32:21
I want export database from all indian ports. We are traders of Indian spices and would like to export it globally
Sector: Export
08-08-2019 | 07:02:13
Ghee export data
Sector: Export
08-08-2019 | 03:54:20
Incense Stick export data
Sector: Export
29-07-2019 | 08:10:55
heart attack data amongst indian citizen since 1970's
Sector: Health and Family welfare
26-07-2019 | 05:54:39
Rainfall and Reservoir Levels in India (Analyse for academic usage)
Sector: Science and Technology
11-05-2019 | 01:42:21
All India list of States with their Districts and Sub Districts
Sector: Others
13-05-2019 | 04:59:08
air pollution data set for the month December 2018 and January 2019, for research.
Sector: Environment and Forest
14-05-2019 | 12:37:15
Data on Fiscal policy of Haryana government including details of receipts and expenditure of Haryana government from 2005 to 2017 (Research work, Impact of Fiscal policy on Fiscal Sector Reforms in Haryana is my Research topic)
Sector: Others
14-05-2019 | 01:38:47
higher Education handicapped data
Sector: Education
15-05-2019 | 12:54:54
List of advocates appointed by the Central Government in Uttar Pradesh as on December 2016 (I want to analysis the data)
Sector: Judiciary