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04-04-2019 | 12:56:29
Health Management Information System. Number of Institutional Deliveries
Sector: Health and Family welfare
08-04-2019 | 11:45:59
data set that would store the amount of vegetables sell in any area (to create a project that would beneficial for the farmer)
Sector: Agriculture
08-04-2019 | 03:22:16
List of dentist in Gujarat.
Sector: Health and Family welfare
08-04-2019 | 05:33:11
Dear sir, I am a research scholar from MP, I have suggestions that if we can have truck drivers data base of MP as well as number of new vehicles registered in states (for research work)
Sector: Transport
01-04-2019 | 12:38:25
Want search based on pincode
Sector: Post
16-04-2019 | 09:48:05
Quarter wise GDP after demonitisation (I wish to see the impact of demonitisation on the gdp)
Sector: Statistics
16-04-2019 | 11:33:45
Need data of States--Corresponding districts-corresponding Police Stations/AOP(Armed Outposts)--villages/town under jurisdiction
Sector: Home Affairs and Enforcement
15-04-2019 | 04:27:19
Customs Tariff data (I want to calculate duty based on HS code ).
Sector: Commerce
11-04-2019 | 07:00:15
Total Cases in NCDRC, District Forum, RERA, NCLT, Supreme Court. The data needs to be property cases only. (Want to analyse it)
Sector: Judiciary
08-03-2019 | 03:15:57
Data related to weather, pesticide etc (for minor project work in clg)
Sector: Industries