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07-03-2019 | 08:58:50
dataset with 115 years rainfall pattern in kerala to create a dataset to predict the future rainfall pattern
Sector: Science and Technology
16-03-2019 | 03:48:10
Daily rainfall data of mysore district over 5 years. (I am a lectrurer, I am pursuing M.Tech in hydraulics , I want to calculate Runoff from curve no method.)
Sector: Science and Technology
28-03-2019 | 09:55:37
Pincode data
Sector: Post
16-04-2019 | 08:22:07
Import Data for Taxus Leaves
Sector: Import
12-04-2019 | 01:41:34
monthly production of tea (academics regression analysis practice)
Sector: Agriculture
12-04-2019 | 01:09:00
Area under crops of districts of Assam, Bengal and Maharashtra latest
Sector: Agriculture
10-04-2019 | 02:59:06
Number of Mobiles sold with the company name in India from 1985-2019 (Show to public history and present Indian mobile market)
Sector: Information and Technology