The catalog contains data regarding the COVID-19 situation of Gwalior which includes details of Positive Cases in Gwalior City, List of Cluster / Containment Zones in Gwalior. --- List of resources --- 1 Municipal Boundary 2 Ward Boundaries 3 Hospitals Location 4 Food Distribution Centers 5 Shelter Centers 6 COVID Patient 7 Hot-Spot/Containment Areas 8 Ward-wise Hospital Details 9 Ward-wise Quarantine Facilities 10 Ward-wise Medical Infrastructure 11 Food and Shelter Distribution
The catalog includes the details of COVID Patient, Hot-Spot/Containment Areas, Ward-wise Hospital Details, Ward-wise Quarantine Facilities, Ward-wise Medical Infrastructure, Food and Shelter Distribution in Tiruppur City
This dataset contains information about Food and Shelter Distribution in Kakinada City. The dataset contains information like latitude, longitude, food distribution and shelter etc.
Information related to the COVID-19 pandemic for Pasighat Smart City.