All Management School Ujjain
This indicator denotes educational opportunity, and determines the coverage of formal education among school-aged population in the city and availability of adequate number of teachers in schools for providing primary education
The key objectives of the project are: 1. To increase knowledge assimilation and retention amongst school children of Municipal/Government Schools 2. Harness the use of technology for improving the overall reach and quality of education in Municipal schools, where this is a significant dearth of skilled teachers. 3. Smart User-Friendly Solutions for students to learn in Hindi and English medium. 4. Enhanced proficiency in academic subjects 5. Career Assessment Program for Students to prepare and excel in the competitive exams 6.
Private Unaided Ujjain
Department of Education Ujjain
This catalog provides basic details of the amenities provided to the public like schools, toilets, hospitals, libraries, community gardens, parks, gardens, bus stops, colleges, aadhar enrollment centers and licensed hawkers