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29-08-2019 | 07:37:38
All government scheme list in 2019
Sector: Governance and Administration
28-08-2019 | 10:13:34
Daily stock details of Blood Bank (Phd thesis on the "Study of Inventory and Distribution of Blood Supply chain")
Sector: Health and Family welfare
28-08-2019 | 06:43:53
corporate transport data for PAN India. industry wise and location wise.
Sector: Transport
09-08-2019 | 11:08:30
census department data
Sector: Census and Surveys
23-08-2019 | 03:34:12
No. Of CNG vehicles registered district wise
Sector: Industries
27-08-2019 | 03:08:42
List of all cities within the country latitude and longitude and names in multiple languages if possible. Other geotagging options like nac encoding etc. would also be a great asset
Sector: Science and Technology
27-08-2019 | 03:07:04
labour cost state wise
Sector: Labour and Employment
01-10-2019 | 06:41:01
mean monthly temperature bengluru
Sector: Earth Sciences
01-10-2019 | 05:06:30
The tourism sector in the NorthEastern States
Sector: Travel and Tourism
15-09-2019 | 06:12:54
Environmental factors that effect Paddy Blast disease district wise of telangana state
Sector: Agriculture