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03-03-2020 | 11:00:36
Prisoners statistics data with details like no of convicts, how many male/female how many female that are pregnant etc
Sector: Home Affairs and Enforcement
06-03-2020 | 12:07:21
Crime against women in India
Sector: Home Affairs and Enforcement
06-03-2020 | 12:11:35
Production of Coal in last 10 years
Sector: Power and Energy
06-03-2020 | 11:06:18
Agriculture Products Current Price in Market
Sector: Agriculture
11-03-2020 | 10:13:34
data on Swine Flu,how many cases registered area wise and level of severity with proper timeline like which month and year
Sector: Health and Family welfare
17-03-2020 | 10:32:32
Live Mandi Rates. For farmers, it will provide the data about the nearest mandi rate on a daily basis.
Sector: Agriculture
19-03-2020 | 05:05:15
Real time Air Quality Index from various locations
Sector: Agriculture
19-03-2020 | 05:20:57
Onion Dataset till March 2020
Sector: Agriculture
13-02-2020 | 10:09:32
Budget Allocation and expenditure under MGNREGA in last 5 years
Sector: Commerce
13-02-2020 | 11:29:22
onion production in india by states and season of harvest, import and export data monthwise for last 5 years
Sector: Agriculture