This catalog describes the Number of Covid 19 cases in Chandigarh
Covid related data
The catalog contains data regarding the COVID-19 situation of Gwalior which includes details of Positive Cases in Gwalior City, List of Cluster / Containment Zones in Gwalior. --- List of resources --- 1 Municipal Boundary 2 Ward Boundaries 3 Hospitals Location 4 Food Distribution Centers 5 Shelter Centers 6 COVID Patient 7 Hot-Spot/Containment Areas 8 Ward-wise Hospital Details 9 Ward-wise Quarantine Facilities 10 Ward-wise Medical Infrastructure 11 Food and Shelter Distribution
Covid related dataset
The catalog includes the details of COVID Patient, Hot-Spot/Containment Areas, Ward-wise Hospital Details, Ward-wise Quarantine Facilities, Ward-wise Medical Infrastructure, Food and Shelter Distribution in Tiruppur City
COVID 19 Details
Contain Details Of Quarantine, Isolation, Containment Zone Buffer Zone and Covid-19 Samples Tested
Covid related data from Saharanpur